OPSGEAR, Inc. is offering a $5000 reward for information and assistance directly leading to the successful conviction of those parties responsible for burglarizing it's retail store in North Salt Lake the morning of August 19th. The burglary took place at 3:47 AM by at least two individuals wearing matching light-colored athletic warm-up pants, sweatshirts, and nylon masks. By estimates one individual is approx. 6'6" tall, thin and broad shouldered; another individual is approx. 5'7" and slightly overweight. Stolen merchandise includes:military style flashlights (both handheld and gun mounted) from manufactures Surefire, Blackhawk and Insight; A dual lens night vision headset; Binoculars from the manufacturer Tru-Glo; Paintball guns resembling the H&K G36, H&K MP7, H&K UMP, and Barrett M107 .50 Cal Sniper Rifle, potentially bearing "OPSGEAR" or "OPPOSING FORCE" silk screening, from manufacturers Tippmann and Tiberius (Some functional internals may be missing from guns); Large military style watches from the manufacturers Suunto and 5.11; and other military style items and clothing. See images of stolen merchandise, video of the robbery and individuals of interest, and reward details on this site.

NOTE TO THE THIEVES: If you are reading this now (If you CAN actually read), know that you will be hunted relentlessly until you are brought to the highest level of justice for your filthy violating acts. We are a Law Enforcement friendly business and many of them are spending their off duty time to find you. We will turn over every rock, look in every sewer to find you. You CANNOT trust your friends because the same motivation that caused you to take from our families is the reason they WILL sell you out. Watch the dark places that you lurk... feel safe? Think again.

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